>Showing some leg…

> You might recall I had a mystery plant pop up a while ago. After IDing it as a Beautyberry, I have been keeping an eye on it. I’m thrilled because I have always admired other beautyberries and thought about getting one but wasn’t sure where to put it. Well, nature, or some bird, decided for me and voila, here it is. The berries are just changing from white to the vibrant magenta. This plant is so showy with the berries. Like Mammy’s red petticoat in Gone with the Wind that she flashes to Rhett Butler. Just a hint of it showing through the leaves.

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9 thoughts on “>Showing some leg…

  1. >They are very beautiful aren’t they! So glad you popped by to see me…I have been distracted by life and haven’t been out and about visiting blogs lately.gail

  2. >You lucked into a great plant. I just love the mature beautyberry in my garden, and I added another little one last spring. Of course, I’ll be saying goodbye to both of them soon…

  3. >It’s such a wonderful color, Bonnie, but in my garden those berries disappear fast into little birdie bellies. So many volunteer plants are weed trees – how cool that you got something good!Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. >Although I dug up my two Beauty Berries in south Jonestown Hills[they transplant well] I had a chile Piquin come up in the garden several years ago. Another colorful addition,of course there are now several,they, like your Beauty Berry,are doing well as this must be where they want to grow.

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