>The Return of the Patch

>Can I get an amen for these lower temperatures at night??

The veggie patch has resurrected itself. The tomato plants that I cut back by half in August are going gangbusters and have tomatoes on them. They have more tomatoes on them right now than I got all during the spring/summer season. So screw that early veggie season. I am a fall veggie girl from now on. Fall has won my loyalty. I’m going to join a facebook network for fall veggie lovers

(Note: to anyone who has not joined facebook. Don’t do it. It is highly additive. Like crack for the internet. It will cut into your gardening time.)

Anyway, so here is one of my most steroid-induced tomato plants. Jetsetter. It has tomatoes all over it. You mean I can finally have a homegrown tomato salad? Gasp.

And my rosa bianca eggplant has been steadily producing these beautiful eggplants. Someone, please send me more recipes for eggplants than sauteed or Parmesan.

Yum, I can can taste the fresh tomatoes already.

6 thoughts on “>The Return of the Patch

  1. >Baba Ganoush.That’s what you make with Eggplant.mostly the recipe goes like this:Char the hell out of your eggplant (grill or broiler)peel off the charred skinput the gooey innards in a food processorpuree with garlic, lemon juice, tahini (if you have it), a little olive oil, and parsley (add the parsley at the very last minute, otherwise the ganoush turns green).serve with pita chips.

  2. >Fall veggie gardens? Not here in the midwest, but it sounds like a good idea in Austin.Facebook? Just signed up a bit ago and haven’t really figured it out. Plurk is my “internet crack”!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. >Hi Bonnie, Just wanted to say hello and catch up on you! Your garden is great…Not a facebook member, but plurk is something else!Gail

  4. >Nice veggies! I must ask… Are you growing heirloom or hybrid? This has been a great year for me on Tomatoes and bell peppers. Something was eating my Malabar spinache so I had moved it to the greenhouse. I’m about to start on my fall garden — broccoli, etc. I watered my yard today. I’m still irritated that Ike didn’t lend a hand.

  5. >Katina-thanks, I’ll give it a try. I like making hummus but have never tried baba ganoush.Texas Mom-I grow both heirloom and hybrid although I often find that my heirloom do not produce as well with the extreme heat.

  6. >Bonnie,That’s what I was wondering, but I read somewhere that heirlooms build their immunities (pests) and I’m assuming that would include watering habits… I’m still learning. PS) I was at the Natural Gardener today and picked up a copy of the Texas Gardener magazine. I had NO IDEA you were in that issue. Imagine my surprise when I flipped it open and saw your blog. Anyway, your story is in my blog now 😉 Helen

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