>Onion breath, anyone?


I love my white flowering garlic chives. They have just finished blooming but it is fun to watch the seed pods form and dry out, waiting to drop a round of seeds all around to keep this plant spreading. I have been gathering seeds into enevlopes so I can share th egarlic-chive love with gardening friends now that it is planting season for those of us here in Texas.

Definitely deer resistant. Nice green foliage. And dramatic white flowers in late summer.

A perfect addition to any garden.

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4 thoughts on “>Onion breath, anyone?

  1. >Those are beautiful! I’ve grown society garlic before, but never the white version. Since I’ll soon be gardening in deer country, I’m glad to know they work so well for you. How about some Mexican snapdragon vine seeds in exchange for one of those envelopes?

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