>Ant Issues

>What’s the deal with ants. Good bug or bad bug. You’ll probably tell me “it depends” which is always the answer to bug questions.

Well, I ask because I discovered a BIIIIIIIIIIG ole ant pile next to my vegetable garden. Yes, I could leave it alone. No, I don’t have to step on it to get to the garden. But I picked up a rock today to wedge in my garden fencing where there was a hole from some critter who is digging in my garden (but that’s a whole ‘nother post), and there was like this explosion of yellowish (not bright yellow, kind of translucent yellow) large ants. So I picked up another rock about a foot away. Another explosion. I backed away quickly. Don’t like ants, even if they are NOT the dreaded Texas fire ant that has bitten me many times and hurts soooooooooo bad until you spray the bites with Windex or a 50/50 bleach/water solution. Ahhhhhh! Who knew bleach could be so soothing.

Anyway, so what do I do about these ants. Are they eating ither bugs? I don’t know if ants do that? I have not seen any in my veggie garden except for about a year ago when I was turning the soil and had an explosion of ants in one section of the soil. Same ants. So maybe they go wise and moved out of my veggie garden into the ground next to it.

Or…maybe it is such a huge underground ant colony that it stretches under my garden AND out into the area next to it. [shudder]

C’mon you bug specialists (yes Vert, I’m talking to you). Lend me your expertise.


9 thoughts on “>Ant Issues

  1. >Do they look like the golden versions on this page? http://www.myrmecos.net/formicinae/myrmecocystus.htmlIf so, they don’t sting. They are foraging on insects and for honeydew produced by plant-sucking bugs, which overall is a good thing. They usually forage nocturnally, which may be why you don’t see them normally. If they don’t look these, then take a picture for me or better yet, get a specimen.-)

  2. >I have seen these ants in my garden too. Usually if I disturb the ground. I think they are pharaoh ants. I have used all kinds of things to get rid of ants. Conserve, diatomaceous earth, boiling water, orange oil. I have been bitten hundreds of times. Mostly because I don’t wear gloves proper shoes etc. I got a bunch of bites on my knee the other day from kneeling down on a disturbed nest. I will never learn.

  3. >Vert, you might be right but honestly, they were moving so fast, I just saw the color and size. The honeypot ant does look like the right size and color. But I’ll see if I can get something to compare (I shudder just thinking about gathering a specimen.I looked at the pharaoh ant. Mine are definitely much bigger than those little ones.

  4. >Pharaoh ants are tiny and don’t nest outside. Harvester ants will be red and have a pretty distinct nest.How large is large for you? There are field ants that get 1-4 to 1/2inch and can be light tan in color. They have a tendency to “boil” out of their mound when disturbed. Nests are usually in the ground under rocks. They can bite, but not sting and usually are no big deal. They will tend honeydew producing insects, so you may want to check your veggies.You can always send me a sample and I’ll take a look for you.

  5. >Bleach water I knew, but your advice on Windex for fire ant bites is a new one to me. Now I wonder if the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding ever ran into those nasty little critters! Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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