>How Bonnie Got Her Groove Back

>OK, so maybe not the same way that Stella did…

The nice fall weather (anything below 95 is nice for me!) has given me the energy and opportunity to rethink some beds that have bothered me for a while. I find moving into a house and taking over someone else’s gardening vision can be tough. In my case, it has taken me three years to really divorce my self from some of the gardening choices here. I’ll admit it, I suck at throwing out any living plants. I feel some responsibility to find them a home elsewhere in my garden. Then they just annoy me in the new spot.

When we first moved here, I knew the topiaries had to go. They were everywhere.Then we began changing the foundations of the garden. The wood fence was removed and a metal one was installed. Part of the fence was permanently taken out and a play scape area created. Leggy shrubs were cut back to regain their natural form. Beds have been delineated with borders instead of just trimming back the grass and hoping it will not intrude. All of these were easy for me.

Old picture showing the old fence and topiaries when we moved in

But then came plant choices. I found the organization of the last owner very haphazard. Small plants hidden in the back of beds, invasives taking over, nutgrass everywhere! Over the past 2 years I have moved probably 90% of the plants that were here to better locations. And yesterday, I finally did a complete reorganization of the large bed in the backyard. It took me all day…Here are some of the plants that I put back in the bed after tilling and adding compost:

rock rose-relocated from other bed
garlic chives-relocated from other bed
bulbine-relocated from other bed
daylilies -relocation to semi-shade to protect from burning
dividing of bi-color iris
sweet broom-relocation to protect from deer
removal of cannas
relocation of Esperanza to better location

This morning I planted cilantro and chard seeds. Now it’s time to sit back and see how it looks. Although I hate moving and dividing plants, because they look as if they are going to keep over for at least the next month.


2 thoughts on “>How Bonnie Got Her Groove Back

  1. >A lot of work in changing plants around but in the end it makes you happy and satisfied. Sometimes lots of the misstakes in planting have to be taken over when moving into a new home and garden. I think a garden is like the home you don’t want the previous owners furniture to live in.

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