>Save the Veg!

>I entered my vegetable garden the other day and knew immediately something was wrong. My tiny sprouts of squash that should have been on my right were…gone. And a new addition had been created- a hole.
“Arrrrrrrgh!” I yelled. This was not what I needed, just as the cool weather was giving my veg and me a break and allowing us to get along. Who was this newcomer? I have never had this issue before??

Then I saw another.

This one going under the fencing and into the cinderblocks. But still not clear way to escape through there, so I’m not sure what the plan was for the digger.

Further down, my squash had taken a beating- or should I saw a biting as parts of the sprout were gone. At least some remained and I could hope for continued growth.

I continued to see holes the entire length of the garden. That evening, I fortuitously received the new pair of dog grooming shears that we had ordered in the mail. I immediately went to work to give Ginger her final grooming of the summer. And I took that big pile of dog hair and spread it all around the veggie path, hoping to give a little scare to whatever is intruding and digging holes.
Thanks Ginger, for taking one for the team!

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7 thoughts on “>Save the Veg!

  1. >Oh – I am so sorry about your intruder. Doesn’t that make you want to throw up your hands in disgust? But I must say, Ginger doesn’t look happy about taking one for the team 😉

  2. >It’s still ninety degrees out, so at least Ginger won’t be chilly from the donation. So, Bonnie – do you think the squash plant eater is an armadillo? Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. >I think an armadillo is too big, Annie. I am thinking it is probably a small bunny. But the weird thing is that I keep finding these like 2 inch wide holes that go straight down into the bed. I can’t imagine something is burrowing in and out since my bed is fairly deep, but you never know. I feel like Bill Murray on Caddyshack, hunting for the elusive gopher.

  4. >Ginger doesn’t look to happy about having to donate her hair to the garden project. It had better work or you’ll be the one in the doghouse!Need to borrow my have a heart trap?

  5. >Oh Bonnie, I think it may be a skunk. They dig for grubs and worms and for tender plant roots. Not as big of holes as armadillos but holes none the less.

  6. >I don’t know what’s after your goodies but I’ve got something digging those same holes throughout my beds. I didn’t think I had rabbits though. I think it’s time for infrared critter cams!

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