>Animals in my garden

>I went out for a stroll in my garden on Friday to find, to my dismay, that I had animals in my garden. Acting like it was their home to strut around.

First a peacock came into view. What’s she doing here? I don’t remember inviting any peacocks over.

Oh, I get it, She’s learning to shake her tailfeathers and she wants to be among the colors of a garden to inspire some first-class tail-feather shaking! OK, Ms. Peacock, shake it like you just don’t care.

And then who should walk in but a zebra! But he doesn’t have any bright colors to match my flowers. “All the better to set off my stripes.” he replied.

He noticed the peacock shaking her booty a bit. “You think that’s tail-shakin’? I’ll show you some tail-shakin’.”

And then wouldn’t you know it, they just settled down in my garden and had a good long rest and chat.


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