>Because tomato season won’t last much longer

>These are the tomatoes I picked earlier this week, ripening on my windowsill. I can not wait for dinner tonight. I WAS going to suggest going out to dinner, because I’m exhausted- but just looking at these babies has made me reconsider.

Here is my basket from today. The Brandywines are really coloring up right now, and even though I am still haunted by my little critter in the garden, I have enough tomatoes higher up that I am getting lots from the Jetsetter as well.

Oh lord, look at this luscious baby. Give her a few days to sweeten up and then she’s all mine.


6 thoughts on “>Because tomato season won’t last much longer

  1. >Bonnie…they showed up! I meant to put a smiley face because it was too funny..’Look at this luscious baby…then she’s mine!’ I didn’t mean to make you think I was or anyone else could be offended! It was just cute.Gail

  2. >WOW! Looks like you beat the critters after all. You got quite a bounty! Believe it or not, I’m having a bumper crop right now. My tomatoes are all flowering and producing like crazy. They are green and the critters haven’t bitten into them yet (they do when they are juicy red) soooo… I’ve been online looking up recipes for FRIED GREEN TOMATOES! LOL

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