>How do they know they look so good together?

>How does my garden know that purple and yellow look so good together. After wandering the garden today and taking photos, I was surprised to notice in my pictures all of the purples and yellows that are out right now. For the first time, my Blue Sky Vine is blooming. Soft purple flowers with yellow throats are cascading off the vine.

Down below the vine, Mexican Mint Marigold is coming out to show off. I have to admit, this plant was in the garden when we bought the house and I have moved it several times. But until this year, I had no idea what it was. Of course, I have heard of Mexican Mint Marigold many times, but I never paid attention to what it looked like. And here, I have had it in my garden the whole time. I divided it this spring when I moved it, so I now have three bunches of it blooming for me.

My yellow (“Golden Showers”) climbing rose got very leggy this summer, nothing like the tidal wave of flowers last summer. But the cool weather has woken it up and it has blooms and buds all over. A holdover morning glory from last year has survived and wound up the trellis to accompany the rose blooms. A perfect combination.

And finally, below the rose, my clematis that has been dragged all over, moved between pot and finally into the ground, has been blooming well in the cooler weather. About 5 inches across and pale purple, it makes me appreciate the cool weather of fall even more. (Of course, I say cool with the highs around 80 today- that IS cool for us, but seems unseasonable warm for November. And STILL no rain. It’s been quite a few weeks. )


8 thoughts on “>How do they know they look so good together?

  1. >Bonnie – hope you are feeling better. Hey – I can’t see your pictures from the last 2 posts — is it me, or have you heard anything else?

  2. >We missed you on Friday, Bonnie. But I’m glad you’ve been enjoying your garden. The Mexican mint marigold in my old garden is blooming its head off too.

  3. >Love those colors, Bonnie and have planted the blues and yellows together for decades. I’ve seen that Sky Vine a few times and it is so tempting!It’s too funny that you moved your Mexican Mint marigold without recognizing it – the scent is so deliciously tarragon-anise. When Rosa “Golden Showers” was introduced in 1956, it’s a good bet that very few people recognized the term and snickered – and those who did recognize it would probably not have mentioned it. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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