>Tomatoes you should meet

>Well, it’s been a crazy weather week here in Austin, with 2-3 freezes depending on where in the city you reside. These were the frst of the season for my garden. Understand, last week we were still up in the 80s, so I still have a strong fall veggie garden going on. In fact, I would say I have about 5- tomatoes still on the vine, at a fairly large size. So when I heard the freeze was coming, I wanted to do anything I could to give those tomatoes a cozy place to hide during the ice and then come back out and keep on ripening. So I hefted out all of the blankets that I use for gardening from the attic and wrapped everything up tight.

I uncovered them this morning as the temps are up in the 60s today and we should not have anymore freezing until possibly next week. So I want these babies to have some sunshine and keep on going. C’mon honeys, just a little flash of red is all I need to see to pick you!

I am not exaggerating about watching these babies like a hawk. I love fresh tomatoes and don’t want this season to end. In fact, there are a few lovelies out there that I have been watching so closely that I have named them…let me introduce them to you.

Big Bertha is my top contender for next to ripen

I call these ladies the Pole Dancers…no tipping allowed

Here’s Mama Mia, one of my Brandywines on the trellis. She wins my If-I-Could-Only-Have-One-Tomato-Ripen award.

Oh and look, here are The Twins. They have a lot of grape tomato pals that they like to hang around with.

And finally, the Ladies’ Tea Group. These girls just love to gab and cluster together. Probably gossiping about all of the other tomatoes around them and who has the prettiest sheen to their skin. I’m hoping they will inspire each other to ripen so as not to be left behind by the group.
So there they are, my little veggie brood. Keep your fingers crossed that I begin to see a little blush to their skin so I can bring them indoors to ripen and eat, thinking of warm weather with every bite!


7 thoughts on “>Tomatoes you should meet

  1. >in CO when we’d be slated for a hard freeze, we’d go out and pull up the tomato plants, then hang them upside down somewhere cool (basement, or garage) to let them ripen.

  2. >Those tomatoes look very healthy and I’m very glad to have met them. I do hope you start to see those ‘flashes’ of red so you can enjoy a ripe tomato maybe for Christmas!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. >Bonnie, Nothing warms my heart more then fresh tomatoes from the vine…except the sight of a southern garden wrapped and draped in blankets! Glad to have met them all!Gail

  4. >Wow, that is quite an impressive crop, even moreso because it’s December. Glad that your plants are making up for the summer. I normally think of beets as holiday vegetables, but your red and green tomatoes will work even better.

  5. >Anonymous-When planting, I strip all of the branches off except the top leaves and bury the entire plant on it’s side with just the top sticking out of the ground so it will grow roots along the entire stem and have a stronger root system. Then, regular doses of organic fertilizer. Never can tell and so much depends on the weather. Like I had beautiful plants in the spring but did not get one tomato because it got hot so fast and they stopped setting fruit in the heat. But my fall crop was awesome.

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