>December Bloom Day

As I type this, it is a beautiful 72 degree day. Very windy, but we have totally recovered from the cold spell we got earlier in the week. Christmas decorations are up and the yaupon hollys seem to have gotten in the spirit by adding their own red decorations.

I see my gerbera daisy is trying to get in on the act by still sending up flowers. The garden is still going strong, with color everywhere except in beds where I have been reorganizing and have had to cut plants back for transplanting.

I have finally gotten a chance to see the bloom on my rosebud salvia. The plant foliage was gorgeous all summer long, but not one bloom. And then look what showed up in December!

Bush Daisy (Euryops) are still covered in yellow flowers. These are such a delight in my garden and deer resistant so I have planted them in the other garden outside the fence as well. Mexican Bush Sage is nearby, blooming all the way through summer and winter. In fact, you can see the new growth beginning at the bottom before the old flowers are gone. I’ll probably cut it back after the next freeze.

Hope all is well in your garden and that you are enjoying at least alittle bit of the sunshine we seem to be getting. Someone better tell Santa to dress down when he visits Texas, it may be a little warm!


7 thoughts on “>December Bloom Day

  1. >We’re in the middle of the dark and cold season right now, so it’s nice for a few minutes to look at your sunny and bright pictures! I hope Santa doesn’t get too hot!Katarina

  2. >I like that rosebud salvia, it looks like a sweet little flower and I can just imagine in it in a Christmas day arrangement. As usual, Santa will need to dress extra warm when he visits my garden. It’s cold and cloudy here, so it was nice to visit your garden for a few minutes, even virtually, and see some blooms.Thanks for joining in for bloom day!Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. >Bonnie,I do like Yaupon holly and yours is decked out for Christmas…I don’t think I can garden without salvias anymore…they are long blooming and seem unaffected by drought…it’s the rainy season that gets them here. Your rosebud salvia is beautiful.Santa best wear a raincoat…it is raining in our gardens. Have a sweet day in your sunny and warm garden!Gail

  4. >Wow, 72 degrees! My computer says it’s 2 degrees here in Nebraska. The high was in the upper 50s Saturday, so we are having a bit of trouble adjusting. Happy gardening, and tell your flowers “hi” for me.

  5. >Hi Bonnie, thanks for blooming! I mean sharing your blooms! I love Austin and visited three times while working on my book, Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways ~ can’t wait to return again, debra

  6. >Hey Bonnie! As I’m looking through everyones posts, I realize that I didn’t include the berries! It was too cold to think yesterday…I can’t believe you’re still in the tomoatos!

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