>Winter has the last laugh…

>I laughed as I read my early bloom day post, bragging about 72 degrees. The thermometer now reads a scorching…ummm, 31 degrees. A cold front blew in overnight. We woke up to 40 degrees this morning and that was the high all day. It just kept on dropping. My tomatoes are once again covered to see if I can take them through one more freeze and get a few more off the vine later in the week.

Both my flowers and my kids are confused by the weather. The kids don’t know what wardrobe they should be wearing and the flowers aren’t sure what season it is.


5 thoughts on “>Winter has the last laugh…

  1. >Bonnie,I hear you…we don’t have the super extremes you are having but the roller coaster ride is strange. I would be covering my tomatoes up too…after all they have names! It’s personal.Gail

  2. >Hi Bonnie, old man winter just wanted to let you know you was in charge! What a nasty joke. Hope your tomatoes survived, way more important than the flowers, right? :-)Frances

  3. >Hi, Bonnie–First of all, loved your bloom day post. What zone is Austin? We grow some of the same stuff–holly, salvias–and I’d love to see if some of your other flowers would grow here. And I know what you mean about the schizo temps. I got up very early this morning to take my son to the airport, and the temp was 61 F. By the time I returned (and after the sun had come up), it had plummeted to 45, and continued to fall all day. Sigh.

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