>Inviting the deer for dinner

>I finally had to face the music today and admit that the freezes had done in my tomatoes. It was hard to give in as I was harvesting up to the week before Christmas, but a big freeze while we were away did the rest of them in.

So today I thought- Gee, someone should get the benefit of these. I mean, a couple of them are still turning red even though the flesh is dmaaged and the insides a little mushy. Who would still love to have that for supper??

Then I remembered that we found a well-worn der path through our side yard th eother day and this seemed the perfect opportunity to provide them with some fresh food during winter. So I gather up all of the tomatoes that would still hold together and put them all in a large plastic pot. Then I walked along the deer path, sprinkling tomatoes as I went. I’ll keep an eye out the next few days to see if I attract a crowd.

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6 thoughts on “>Inviting the deer for dinner

  1. >I’ll bet they are gone in a flash. Our herd comes through every day and eats the throw away chard and cabbage leaves. They have a pecking order so not everyone gets a treat.

  2. >How kind of you to share your bounty with the deer – I’d be afraid that they would move my garden to the top of their dining list. Mary Beth

  3. >Mine have eaten tomatoes — over-ripe ones, though. Good luck with that. They will be happy to have dinner when it gets cold again this weekend!

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