>In the Clear?

>As the weather has continued to stay warm- in fact right now it is an aoutrageously warm 84 degrees outside-we Austin gardeners are getting edgy. Can we plant our veggies yet? I’ve been scoping out vegetable selections for weeks now and have mine all ready to go in either seed or plant form.

Well, I finally checked the 10 day forecast today and it looks like nothing colder than around the low to mid fifties through next weekend so I think we might have the green light to plant and be free of frost risk. Of course, in hindsight, we could have planted about a month ago and been free from frost risk. I wonder if anyone took the chance?

I’m going all in. Tomatoes, cukes, squash and beans will get planted tomorrow.


One thought on “>In the Clear?

  1. >I planted mine this past Monday – regular & cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, serranos, bell peppers, and an assortment of herbs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no frost!

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