>Seed madness

>On Monday, I was overtaken with seed madness. I had just finished planting the school vegetable garden (more on that later once the pictures get downloaded) and I came home all covered in dirt. What else can I do, as long as I’m already dirty? Anything to plant?

Side note:
I wonder if other gardeners are like me that they buy random seeds, or are given them by kind gardening friends, and they sit in the drawer awaiting the right time to plant them?

I opened a drawer in my gardening cabinet and saw all the wondrous seeds that have been hiding there, awaiting the infamous “after last frost” period of the year when seeds can go in. I carried them all to the backyard and began to spread them around. In my seed madness, I planted the following:
Cosmos Bright Lights
Cosmos Sensation
Aster Totem Pole Mix
Dianthus Double Gaiety
Scabiosa Tall Double Giant Imperial
Cornflower Jubilee Gem
Marigold Sweet n’ Yellow
Morning Glory Crimson Rambler

Many of these came from seed packets that get brought to Master Gardner meetings and are up for grabs, so I have no idea how many of them will do in my conditions or their quality. But a gardening girl can’t pass up free seeds, can she?

Now my problem is distinguishing what little seedlings coming up are weeds versus plants I’m not familiar with. I fear I have been pulling up some of the seedlings from Zanthan‘s Larkspur seeds that she passed on to me last year, thinking they were weeds. Looked up pictures of those this morning so I would be more familiar next time I am out weeding and can leave them be. Poppies? I am afraid I can’t tell the difference between poppy seedlings and thistle weeds. Plus, I think I have a few kinds of poppy seeds planted (I went on a bit of a poppy binge) so they don’t all look alike.

God help me after this rain, when things are going to start sprouting like mad..


8 thoughts on “>Seed madness

  1. >I understand your seed madness as I’m going through the same thing. I’ve never done well with seeds but giving it a ‘great big try’ again this year. And guess what? They are sprouting like crazy. Some of the same as your list – Cosmos going crazy coming up, Coneflower, Aster, Larkspur. Looks like we’ll be having fun together. Now if they only make it to the end. 😉

  2. >Bonnie, I have a metal suitcase…that I keep my seed collection in! It is over flowing with my inability to say no to an attractive seed packet! Once you figure out which is seedling and which is weed you will never forget! Glad you’re getting rain…we are getting ice pellets! Winter refuses to let go! Gail

  3. >I have trouble recognizing poppy seedlings, too. Once I planted some seeds and was excited when they came up and looked so robust. Well…it turns out that it was really bull nettle that I was babying along! Not exactly what I had planned…!

  4. >I had planted wildflower seeds for a couple of years and dutifully pulled out weeds and could never understand why I only had a few very specific wildflowers come up. Last year I got lazy and didn’t pull the weeds. Found out they were the wildflowers.

  5. >Yes, I have a bundle of seeds sitting on a bookshelf right now, waiting for a bed to be created so they can be planted. God knows whether any are even viable at this point.

  6. >Oohh – can’t wait to see what your seed madness yields. I did the same thing in a wild bed and nowI am just hoping everything was planted and isn’t weeds!

  7. >When I don’t recognize a seedling I let it grow and sometimes flower until I do. An odd little plant popped up in my front bed and it opened a flower today. I still don’t know what it is but will post a photo of it so someone (probably Annie) can identify it.Larkspur seedlings look a lot like cilantro. I can’t tell them apart until they have two or three leaves.

  8. >Go girl! That's a nice activity. You can make it as a hobby. planting. this way, planting can increase the number green plants and therefore increases the number of oxygen.

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