>March Bloom Day 2009

>The weather was cold and rainy when I took these pictures on Friday, but I was vindicated today as the afternoon turned into a gorgeous 60ish sunny day where we could play outside. But even with the cold of the past few days, we have had such a mild winter. We were just taking at the Extension office about how so many things that normally die back to the ground have not done so this year so people are confused about how to prune things, because they aren;t used to them still being alive.

So, trotting around my garden this week, I saw my yellow, orange and red gerbera daisies. These guys have been blooming during almost the whole winter. I had no idea of this when I bought them a year ago, not expecting them to last more than a season.

We also have all of our bluebonnets coming out now. I saw these in the garden and imediately thought of my learning fromlast year’s Garden Blogger’s Spring Fling that once a bluebonnet is pollinated, it’s lower lip of the bloom turns magenta.

Euryops have beenblooming for a few weeks now, with no hard feeze to freeze them back to th ground, so I think I’ll let them go as they wish and then prune them later if they get too leggy.
Finally, a shot of my dianthus with the swiss chard mixed in. I just love these deep colors.

Otherwise blooming in my garden:

A few assorted roses
Argentina butterfly bush
a few bulbine

In the vegetable garden:

Potatoes just emerging from the ground
lettuce looking great
peas and cuke seds just emerging
strawberries gfoing strong

Happy bloom day!

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5 thoughts on “>March Bloom Day 2009

  1. >I need to move to TX, you guys are always so ahead of the rest of us. Glad you had some good weather, could you send it back up this way? Please?

  2. >I have had the same puning dilemnas this year. I have a passion vine that I hane “half pruned” back.Same issue with my phillipine violets, I finally broke down last week and whacked them all the way back a week ago.ESP.

  3. >The Euryops are amazing right now, aren’t they? They really like this cooler weather — mine struggle so much in August. You Gerbers are so pretty, I need to add some somewhere.

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