>Mystery of the Dying Cucumber Plants

> Looking for input on some dying cucumber plants.

These were planted in the vegetable garden one week ago from transplants. The transplants were very healthy and green in my greenhouse for 1 week prior to planting. Bought at a local nursery- Straight Eight variety. They were planted last Monday into a good mixture of Hill Country Garden Soil from Natural Gardener and Ladybug Turkey Compost, both labeled as good for vegetable gardens.

This morning, Tuesday, I noticed some of the leaves were yellowing and browning, eveen totally drying up. Some stems are shrivelling up. Soil is damp from the rains, but not soaking and no standing water. Hardwood mulch is around the plants. I dug up one of the pants and did not see any mishapen roots.
Give it your best shot if you think you might know what is affecting them.

Here are some pictures. Guess away!

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11 thoughts on “>Mystery of the Dying Cucumber Plants

  1. >Hmm, this isn’t discussed in my favorite problem identification book: Organic Gardeners Handbook of Natural Insect and Disease Control. Maybe you’ve got some bum plants? Cucumbers are susceptible to the squash vine borer but you know that those look like.

  2. >I would suggest that the cucumbers have not been properly hardened off or acclimated to the outside levels of sun, wind and temperatures. It takes a week or two to properly harden off seedlings. Love your Bloom Day post!

  3. >One of two things. I didn’t think the temperature was dropping below 32 but with the wet I think it did. My agave desmettiana which I foolishly left outside have developed masses of white patches which look like frost burn. I think it was a combination of the cold and wet. I think it is too early to put out cukes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and squash. They like warmer soil and air and we are not above the temperature dropping again. I am waiting another week before putting them in the ground.If it wasn’t the cold and wet then it was the turkey compost. My experience is that it is not totally composted. I have bought a yard of the stuff and the pile is always steaming and hot. I don’t think that they can keep up with the demand and it isn’t finished. having said all this I think the problem was the cold.

  4. >It was probably the cold. I wouldn’t have mulched it either. Mulch should come when the soil is getting too hot. Right now you want the soil to heat up to off set the cool nights.

  5. >Bonnie – I think it’s frost burn. Lancashire Rose was here just before I planted the garden and she said it was too early, but I was eager and leaving town and it seemed like a chance worth taking. I was wrong! But my tomatoes should be ok – they are just burned but still growing. So sorry about your cukes — try again now!

  6. >Hello there, I just started (another) Austin garden blog (http://fitsandstartsaustin.blogspot.com/) and have been checking out other blogs. I actually had the exact same thing happen to my cucumber plants this year (same variety, planted in the same Hill Country Garden soil mix from the Natural Gardener; but no mulch in my garden). I agree that the weather fluctuations probably stressed out the plants, but many other plants in my garden were fine. Another idea I have at what it could be is powdery mildew.(I’ve had problems with powdery mildew on my cucumber plants in the past, and this seemed to be similar.) This year I’m going to do a few preventive neem oil sprays early in the season and put my plants on drip irrigation so the leaves don’t get wet as often. Here’s a link to more information about powdery mildew: http://gardening.about.com/od/gardenproblems/a/PowderyMildew.htm

  7. >Interesting that pots … I have a problem with my plants, and for more remedies that I have provided … and not able to put them in their prime. Additional mites that have as the are eating .. I can do something to remedy this?

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