>School Garden Update- The planting

> The first full week of April, we went ahead and chanced it to get our vegetables into the school garden. We decided to focus on four vegetables for the 6’x12′ plot. Tomatoes, beans, squash and cucumbers. These could all be used readily in the school menu.

I bought 5 varieties of tomatoes including Celebrity, Arkansas Traveler, Juliet, Cherry, and Sweet 100. Some will be more heat tolerant than others and hopefully still give production during the heat of the summer.

We started with Straight Eight cucumber transplants, but they were very affected by the cold rain that hit the next week and as they started to go downhill, I threw some seeds in the ground to take their place. Nothing like hedging your bets.

Instead of yellow squash, I decided zucchini would be a better choice to use in the school menu- and easier to hide in casseroles. There are three hills with zucchini seeds in them which I will thin down to 1 plant per hill.

Finally, I chose a bush bean variety of Kentucky Wonder that won’t have to be trellised or thinned.Two rows of these were seeded.
For the herb spiral, starting from the top, we planted:

Dill (seeds)
Parsley (seeds)
Basil (seeds)

I went ahead and added some Neon Lights Swiss Chard seeds in between some of the herbs the next week. I think the kids will really love the bright colors of the stems.

Looking forward to sharing updated photos of the garden growth.


4 thoughts on “>School Garden Update- The planting

  1. >How exciting for you and the kids! The herb spiral is a wonderful idea…clever use of stones and spave. o they love it? gail

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