>Knocking me out

>I left for vacation with a little regret as I had seen my Confederate jasmine had buds all over it and was destined to burst into bloom at any moment. I couldn’t bear the thought of missing the show, as it is one of my favorite plants and I adore the aroma.

So I was thrilled when I returned apparently right in time for the big showstopper. The entire two story of vines is in full bloom. I hope our little chicks in out blue birdhouse are immune to the smell, because otherwise it must be overpowering to actually live inside the vines.

These vines were brought over from our old house and transplanted at the foot of the deck posts. I gave them a little wire training wire to help them find their way up. And they have just taken off ever since. They have now reached up top the second story deck and climb all over the railing outside of my office. I keep the door open through most of the day so the smell can permeate my office as I work.
And even after the flowers are gone, the plant is an evergreen delight, offering foliage through the entire year. The flush of growth that comes in spring is a very light green color and advances the plant further along it’s climbing path.

Confederate Jasmine AKA Star Jasmine
Light: Bright sun to part shade.
Moisture: Average water. Can tolerate drought once established.


3 thoughts on “>Knocking me out

  1. >It’s wonderful…The vine looks beautiful where you’ve place it…climbing up to and over the birdhouse on it’s way to the second floor to give you winter color and spring fragrance! I wish it would grow here…I think my garden would be a clown pants of color and competing fragrances if I could grow what ever I fancied! gail

  2. >I’m so jealous about how many blooms you have on that plant in comparison to mine…though to be fair I intentionally planted mine in the shade because I just wanted some sort of flowers on the trellis out back and not just the ivy the previous owner put there. And obviously, since it’s in the shade, it doesn’t bloom as profusely…but it’s still enough to make dining out there a pleasant experience.

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