>Green Genes

>Ever since I can remember, green has been my favorite color. My eyes are green, and it’s the feature I got the most comments on growing up. Everyone else in my family had brown eyes. My green eyes came from my grandmother. It made me feel special to have inherited the beautiful green color from her when no one else did. My mom used to say that my eyes would get fiery green when I was mad or upset.

When I was a teen and color mascaras were in vogue, I used to wear green mascara. I thought it made me stand out.

When I decorated my daughter’s nursery, I chose a beautiful pale green color that I felt was calming. On the day I gave birth to her, I did a yoga practice in her room as the sun was just coming up.

We remodeled our bathroom a few months back. I was responsible for the tile choice and I had almost completed a two-hour long session at the tile store choosing a neutral slate when I walked to the back of the store and saw a celadon green subway tile. I dumped all of my previous choices and planned the rest of the remodel entirely around using that tile. I love the bathroom, it makes me feel calm and I listen to the birds call through the window to me in the morning.

Is it any wonder that I would become a gardener, loving the tender green shoots that emerge in spring? It must be in my genes.


3 thoughts on “>Green Genes

  1. >I echo your artful sentiments about the color green. It is very peaceful. Three rooms in my house are painted green — 3 different shades of green, in fact. And my last post was greens in the garden! Great minds~

  2. >Green is the most compelling color, isn’t it? I sure understand about green eyes – my mom had green eyes. None of my sisters or brothers shared that color with her but I did. The tile is exquisite – if we ever get to the point where we can redo the 30-year old bathroom, hope I can copy you, Bonnie! Also want to copy your potato idea next year – better start saving up buckets and baskets. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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