>Giving potatoes a try

>This is my first year growing potatoes in the garden. Potatoes get planted around Valentine’s Day here in Central Texas so I had my certified seed potatoes from Callahan’s, both red and white varieties. I just don’t have enough space for potatoes in my regular vegetable garden so I chose a bed I have in the back yard that I have always used as a bit of a nursery for newly divided plants or ones I have not decided where they are going.

I cut the potatoes into seed pieces, each with a few “eyes” on it. Those got planted about 4″ deep. I thinned when I began to see growth to about 10-12″ spacing in between.

Potatoes grow above the seed piece off of the stem of the plant, so in order to develop potatoes that don’t turn green, you need to protect them from sunlight. This can be achieved by pulling up dirt or mulch around the plant when they are 6-8″ high. I took a tip from Patty Leander and am using planting buckets and baskets with the bottoms cut out to keep the soil close to the plant and not have it wash away in the rain.

Harvesting should happen around late May or June. Keep your fingers crossed.

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3 thoughts on “>Giving potatoes a try

  1. >I had no idea that potatoes were so tricky until I went to Patty’s veggie gardening seminar a month or so ago. I read of a similar method I want to try. You basically make a box, screwing boards to four vertical supports, adding a layer of boards every time you add a layer of dirt as the potatoes grow. And then when you harvest, you take off the bottom boards first, harvest that layer, and work your way up. For some reason, I find the potato layering process fascinating. It’s too late for me to start potatoes this year, but I’m eager to see how yours turn out.

  2. >Hi – I was wondering how your potatoes turned out? I looked through the rest of your blog, but did not find an update. Please tell!BTW – love the blog and all the great information and photos!

  3. >Thanks to anonymous for the compliment and the question. The potato harvest was a little small for my taste but we did manage to have two dinners including our potatoes from the garden. I even had some potatoes come back in the fall and start growing again but the frost took them down. I would probably plant them again but maybe try some specialty potatoes like fingerlings.

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