>School Garden Update Week of May 4

>The school veggie garden continues to go gangbusters.

Just overflowing out of the raised bed. The zucchini looks great and we had our first harvest of 6 zucchini on Thursday.

You can see in this picture the zucchini in the front and the tomatoes in the upper right. Cucumber ladders are behind. We also have beans growing to the left of the zucchini.

So far, not one appearance of the squash vine borer egg on these zucchini (unlike MY garden at home).

Here are some of the blossoms and you can even see a few of the little zuchs. The kids were REALLY excited about harvesting them and wanted to pass them all around. So by the time they reached the kitchen they were pretty man-handled!

Here are the cucumber plants beginning their ascent at the base of the ladders. They already have baby cucumbers on them so things seem to be looking good.

No pictures but both the tomato and bean plants have baby vegetables on them as well, although still a bit away from harvesting.

And finally our herb spiral, just filling in really nicely. From the top we have rosemary, oregano, dill, parsley, chard, thyme, chard, and basil. I have since thinned the chard and transplanted some of the thinned seedlings to the empty spots. The cook at the school has the all clear from me to begin harvesting for use in the school lunches.

Interesting to see the dramatic difference between my home garden and here. Same plants, same planting time. Big difference, all new dirt and compost brought in to start this one off. I think I neglected my home garden on adding organic matter this year. Interesting to see the difference.


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