>Vegetable Garden 09 Update

>The veggie garden is going well this year although I must admit the school veggie garden that I caring for is kicking my garden’s ass. But the green beans seem to be doing well. Interestingly, my bush beans have produced much faster than the pole. We had our first harvest of the pole beans on Friday and had them for supper. Squash is starting to show some more rapid growth but I live in fear that I have missed some borer eggs that will then hatch and eat their way into the plant. Inevitable as I keep finding dozens and you know I can’t be THAT good to have found every single one. But I’m dusting with Bt to try and thwart their progress.

Check out Jack shyly showing off the bean he justpicked!

Elsewhere, pepper growth is slow. The tomatoes are doing so so. The ones that I planted in my herb bed closer to the house seem to be doing better and I think I have just not amended the soil as well as I usually do in the raised vegetable bed. Plus I was fighting off hornworms or something that kept slicing the plants off and then they would have to regrow. This happened on quite a few of the plants.

Cucumbers are coming up but have not really started climbing the trellis yet. Again, we had some early buffet-style visits from something who were gnawing of the seedlings so we had to reseed quite a few.

Tally so far, 1 tomato harvested (Juliet) and about 30 beans.


2 thoughts on “>Vegetable Garden 09 Update

  1. >Raising organic vegetables and children, both hard work! Bonnie, the garden is looking good! The kids even better! It’s good to see you! Gail

  2. >You have such an awesome veggie garden layout in your yard. I wish I had room in mine to build something like this.I’m curious to see if the Bt will keep the squash borers away. Keep us updated! đŸ™‚

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