>Weed Watch 09 Continues-update on Frilly Weed

>What, oh what, is growing in my garden. I continue to watch the plants that have sprouted up mysteriously and become giant science experiments as I wait for something, anything to pop out of the top. With clippers hacksaw at the ready in case some monstrous seed head should emerge, I continue to watch this thing in awe.

Weed on the left, which we shall nickname Frilly Weed for it’s appearance, has really put on a lot of branches. There are actually two of them, one on the left and one on the right. The one on the left now has 6-8 branches emerging from the bottom.

But what is really interesting is how the leaves are filling in. There are now all of these extra branches coming out of the main stalk, just in the last few days.

Here’s a closeup of the leaf in case it helps anyone on the ID.

And here is the top of one of the branches.

I have gotten lots of great suggestions, so thanks for your thoughts. Here are some of them:
standing cypress
easter lily mutant gone giant
bee balm
wallflower mutant
wild ruellia

Have not been able to confirm any of them from looking at images on the web but I’ll keep trying and waiting to see what it produces. Feel free to add your$.02 if you have a guess.


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