>May 2009 Bloom Day

>Here we are with the temperatures already rising- having to help plants who might be struggling. I’m hoping for some thunderstorms late this week to help everything along as I just planted some passalongs from Diane. Thanks Diane! But this is the time when Texas gardeners are thankful for having some choices of Texas-tough plants that can take our daytime temperatures…and also our high nighttime tsummer temperatures. With the nights so hot, plants don’t get a chance to rest like they do up north. They just keep chugging along and eventually burn themselves up from continuous consumption of sugars.

OK, enough with the botany talk. Lots of colors filling in the garden right now. Let’s check it out.
Lamb’s ear and Dallas Red lantana are mixing together well.

Society garlic, orange bulbine, and daylilies are all lending their color. My poppy seeds didn’t seem to work for me this year. After consulting with MSS, I think the mulch may have been the problem.

But some Iceland poppies bought as small plants are popping up a bloom every now and then.

Bicolor and butterfly iris are sporting their tiny blooms for me right now and lending their lush grass-like foliage. These do so well down here, even in droughts. Esperanza is just starting to send out multiple yellow blooms.

And what’s this? Grapes of Gomphrena just starting to send it’s little blooms out. So sunny, they look so cute just sitting right in the neck of the stems.

Portulaca and pomegranate are both blooming. The portulaca came back from seed from last year and is coming up in nooks and crannies in the walkway. I don’t mind. It’s gorgeous and drought tolerant.

And my wildflower/septic field has really taken off in the past few weeks.

Finally, lovely pearl milkweed vine with green flowers, a beautiful subtle vine growing on my crossvine trellis. I’m happy to let it share the space, as the flowers are mesmerizing.

Happy bloom day!


7 thoughts on “>May 2009 Bloom Day

  1. >Your flowers all look so bright, sunny, an cheerful. They make me smile even if summer upon us. I’m like the flowers. I could make it through the hot days if only we cooled down at night–like in the desert. The combination of the heat and the high humidity leaves me as limp as my plants. Even the datura and the Jerusalem sage just melt for the couple of hours they are in the sunlight. I’m glad for as much shade as I have even if it means I can’t grow a lot of native perennials. (Well I can grow them but they don’t get enough sun to flower.)Love the milkweed.I really like greens and whites this time of year.

  2. >I’m wondering if the deer come on to your septic field? All I manage to grow is the Mexican hat and a few bluebonnets. I am beginning to think that when the turkeys come through they pick up the seeds, ditto the hispid cotton rats. I would love to see Ca poppies and other poppies growing out there.I have never seen that milkweed only the antelope horns.

  3. >It will be summer here soon! The humidity has arrived along with the mosquitoes! Bonnie…I love your septic field! Dallas red is fantastic but this summer I decided to go with a softer colored Lantana….I might have to get Dallas anyway! Have a sweet weekend…gail

  4. >Love your wildflower field! Mine has been mostly poppies — California, corn poppy and a few breadseed, joined now by Silene.For next fall I have Go Texan Wildflower Mix to scatter, along with other seeds I’m saving now.

  5. > The septic field is not accessible by deer so I can grow anything out there without fear of it becoming a buffet-not the case with much of my property. I would love to incorporate some poppies this next year. I agree on the milkweed, the first time I saw it was so pretty I thought it looked surreal.

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