>School Garden Update Week of May 18

>Well, our school garden certainly hit it’s growing stride thie week. Behold my beautiful volunteers holding the surprise zucchini harvest from Wednesday. Mind you, I just harvesting zucchini last Friday. Where the heck were these guys hiding? That one in the middle was over a foot long!

It’s been a big week in the school garden. We started out on Monday harvesting green beans with the Kindergarten. There were plenty for everyone to get to put a few in the basket. Then they all went around the garden inspecting all the other plants to see what was growing. We picked a few herbs and passed them around for everyone to smell.

The boys stuck their heads deep in between the tomato plants growing and managed to find a few tomatoes that were already starting to turn red. I told them we could probably wait a bit until they had more company as one tomato would not go a long way int he school kitchen.

The cucumbers are really starting up now, with a few small ones and at least one medium size one now on the growth spurt. You can see how they have already reaching the top of the cucumber ladders we built and I’m so glad we got them off the ground or else they would have been sprawling everywhere.

The herb spiral has got everything going strong except the basil is still a bit on the small side. I have grass coming up through the dirt/gravel so I have been carefully pulling to get it under control. Careful not to get any of the prescious herbs.

The kids were excited to tell me they had zucchini in their salads last week and it was in a stew this week. I know they are paying more attention to what vegetables are on their plates and they love telling me about what is growing at home.


6 thoughts on “>School Garden Update Week of May 18

  1. >Kids excited about eating zucchini makes my inner dietitian happy – yay! My squash is doing so poorly, I’m glad to see yours is flourishing!

  2. >That’s a beautiful garden, Bonnie. You should be so proud. Growing such healthy and lush veggies and teaching the kids all at the same time. That’s so cool. It’s fun to watch them eat fresh things and learn to appreciate growing them.

  3. >Why is the school garden doing so much better than any of our home gardens? Who cares! I’m happy to see it because this will be an experience that stays with them their entire lives. Thank you for all your work and for sharing the results with us.

  4. >Since it is a preschool, they are open year round, they just transition to a summer session now. Most of the kids are there all year.

  5. >Bonnie, What a wonderful garden and you are to be commended for helping the school kids experience a garden. These are experiences they will never foget! gail

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