>Can I hear a hoot?

>Long weekends always necessitate some projects that will just suck up some time. So, let me introduce to you the Memorial Day Weekend Time Suck Activity 09! Screech Owl House Building!

Just kidding. I was very inspired by Bob’s post over at Gardening at Draco and showed it to my husband, commenting how neat it would be for him to build one with Jack. Lo and behold, today was the day. John found some plans on the internet, pre-cut the wood, and they got to work on it. We filled the bottom with about 3″ of dried leaves.

Jack thinks everything is too loud, so he is holding his ears while John drills on the top.

Then, right before it went up, I realized we needed some finishing touches on it. So I grabbed some Sharpies for the kids and some paint for me. First, an owl for the top.

Jack added our welcome message on the side. And I promise that as that message fades, I will climb up there and retrace the cute little Pre-K handwriting every year, if I have to!

Then John hung the house up about 15 ft. off the ground in a big oak with a very open surrounding area, since that is what we read the owls look for when they are searching for a new pad. You know those owls, its all location, location, location!

And now, we are all just waiting. Is there an owl real estate listing sheet or something I can advertise our new offering in?


6 thoughts on “>Can I hear a hoot?

  1. >Go Owls..Go!What a fun project, must get round to building one of these myself. I have a couple of bat boxes that are home to anoles and gheckos, but sadly no bats. You are right about location, location, location!I have my fingers crossed for you.ESP.

  2. >Can’t wait to come see if you get OWLS!! This evening we sat outside and watched three barred owls (thanks for identifying them for me, Bon). Two of them sat right next to each other on a tree limb and seemed to be snuggling…We have no more bunnies or squirrels now that we have owls. Amazing.Dptto

  3. >I hope you get owls Bonnie, as my brother inlaw and his clan have so much fun watching theirs. I know this sounds crazy but thought I would add, they really like water. My B-i-L has a bunch of movies of the whole owl family in a kiddie pool on their patio. They don't do much in the water but stand there, up to their necks in water, and cool themselves off. But it is really cool to see. Who knew owls liked being in water?

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