>Weed Watch 09 Continues

>Good lord, the weed watch continues. To update you, we are now down to only one weed as John got too freaked out by the “lettuce” looking one and insisted I pull it out. Not sure what he thought was going to happen, perhaps an alien would spring forth from it and get us all? But I succumbed in a weak moment. Who knows, he might have saved the planet with his fear.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, weed #2, which started out looking like an Easter Lily or Bee Balm type plant has morphed into something totally bizarre. Branches are protruding from the mid section and the top and now it has little pods forming on the ends of the branches where I am hoping we will soon get a flower to help in the ID.

There is another of the same type of plant behind the big one, you can see it in the lower left of this photo. It has not branched out yet but has a lot of branches coming off of the very bottom. No pods on it yet.

Sorry about the horrid pictures, the plant is obviously creationg some type of photo force field that sends out interference to my camera when I try to shoot it.

Here is a detail of the flower pods coming out on the branches.

As always, completely open to suggestions of what the heck this plant is and whether it houses alien life forms.


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3 thoughts on “>Weed Watch 09 Continues

  1. >You know it has a look of goldenrod about it. It is strange that you have so many and that they have appeared from nowhere. I will look at my goldenrod tomorrow and check it out.

  2. >I have some that look like that, too. Not sure if they are the same, they aren’t quite as big and robust as yours. Are you fertilizing them, too?!!!

  3. >Hi, I'm in McKinney, TX, and I have a bunch of those same "frilly weeds" too! We've been in our house for 3 years & I have never seen them before this year. I sprinkled wildflower seeds out last fall, but I don't think those plants are from the seeds because nothing else grew.(old seeds- just seeing if anything would grow) If you find out what they are, I'd really love to know. I let them grow, but they're HUGE now. I hope they're not predatory!! Great blog, BTW!! 🙂

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