>Bring on the shade!

>John and I have been contemplating a way to create more shade on our back patio for a while. The afternoon sun back there is just brutal, yet when the kids come home, they often want to be out there with me in the yard or watering the plants by my side. But our current solution of dousing them with the hose to keep them cool doesn’t seem to be a good long-term fix.

It just so happens that fate stepped in in the form of a website, OK, a person that works for a website. Teak, Wicker & More, a site specializing in outdoor furniture and garden items, contacted me and asked if I would be willing to try out a product and review it on my site. As I browsed the site, I came across Coolaroo sun sails and knew someone was watching out for me. We have a Coolaroo umbrella now for our table outside and just love it. Their material blocks 90% of UV rays and can reduce temperatures underneath by around 30%.

So in a few weeks, I’ll have the opportunity to try out one of the Coolaroo shade sails and hopefully bring some relief to my children’s feet, which get toasted as they run across the patio saying “hot, hot, hot”. Full disclosure, they are sending me the shade at no cost, but there are no guidelines for my review so I can be honest about whether it works for our space and creates a cooler patio for us and cooler feet for the kids.


6 thoughts on “>Bring on the shade!

  1. >You are very lucky. My husband and I were just at Home Depot yesterday looking at the cost of having a pergola installed or some type of shade for our back porch. Since putting in the garden we are out there a lot more, sitting and enjoying the garden, but not the sun (crazy hot here in Texas). The cost told us that we better invest in big floppy hats or enjoy the backyard from the inside window (ha ha). Hope all goes well and I have there site bookmarked to check them out.

  2. >I hope it works for you Bonnie. We have outdoor shaded patios but it is still hot there unless we put on the fans. I have just been finding these last few days unbearable outside after 8 o’clock in the morning.

  3. >Hey, that’s great you’ll be reviewing the Coolaroo shade as I’m very interested in getting one for an area of our yard. I did a Google blog search to see if any one had a review, and here you are. They look very elegant, don’t they? Anyway, I look forward to reading your assessment.

  4. >Bonnie, I would love to have a nice shade cover for the patio…I missed you at Spring Fling this year! Your sweet babies would have missed you, though! Gail

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