>Weed Watch 09, The Final Installment

> Well folks, I did my best to hold out until the mystery weed bloomed. I was hoping for possibly a goldenrod, but I would have to say no. When they finally did “bloom” if you can call it that, it was just very insignificant. SAnd having better things to do with the space, I made the executive decision to pull the plug on Weed Watch 09.

But here are some final pictures of the bloom. Some great guesses along the way, but nothing that I could identify in the end.

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4 thoughts on “>Weed Watch 09, The Final Installment

  1. >Sorry, Bonnie — I have no idea, but it is kind of interesting-looking, isn't it? I have a lot of weeds I'd like to ID, but mostly I'd like to be rid of them instead!

  2. >I'm hoping that you also pulled that weed out before it made all the numerous small flattened seeds, each 1/16 long, which will allow it to completely infest your garden. What you have there is Horseweed, a common weed of pastures and forage here in Missouri, Conyza candensis.By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you again!

  3. >Hi Bonnie, An ID from HealingMagicHands, cool! A friend of mine left one of these plants growing just in case it was something she'd like to see bloom. I told her to pull it but had no name to back that order up. Now I'll tell her Canadian Horseweed. Native or not, it's a weed in her garden. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. >That weed what you had – I know this type. We have it a lot in Russia. Once it will drop seeds – you will never get rid of. So It was a good idea to pull it. Please make sure you dig in all roots and their parts and any one bud left. We call it chiken blinder – if chiken eat it they get disoriented for a while.It has kind of toxic juices.Anna. ann_erm@shaw.ca

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