>Now I can rest easy…

>Those of you who have been following my Weed Watch 09 series may have been missing sleep at night, wondering what those crazy plants that sprung up in my garden bed outside my back door were. The answer I have been searching for appeared from a new blogging friend, Healingmagichands. She helped me in my quest and IDed the giant plant as Horseweed, a fast-growing plant with a not-so-attractive bloom that then seeds all over the bed. Luckily, my husband, in his non-garden-crazy sensible mind had insisted we pull it out before it fully seeded. The gardener in me screamed no!, let’s leave it and see what happens (the downfall of all good gardeners) but the wife who wanted to make sure I didn’t spend all of next year getting told “I told you so” decided to pull the plug.

Thanks Healingmagichands! You’ve not only saved my garden, but my marriage as well.


3 thoughts on “>Now I can rest easy…

  1. >You are quite welcome. Just your all purpose blogger here. Sometimes we just have to listen to our husbands and do what they think is right. Just because. (not necessarily because they are actually right)

  2. >Smart man, you got lucky there. All you need is another variety of weed to try and take over your garden. I would have been like you though. No plant comes out till I can identify it.

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