>More rain!


I don’t know who finally did that rain dance right, but we have gotten some very nice rain storms the past two days and all I can say is that my plants are so very thankful and their sad, wilted, papery-dry faces have disappeared. There is nothing sweeter right now than the sound of rain pitter-pattering on the roof.


3 thoughts on “>More rain!

  1. >oh we are so enjoying the wet, cooler weather. i was able to mow the little patch of grass before the rain hit and i swear the garden is smiling again! now, how do we keep it going? 😉

  2. >Oh Bonnie, I wish we could have gotten some of that. We barely got a little spit here. I've gotten a couple of tanks hooked up on the rain water collection system and I can't get any water. It's just sad, a bunch of big empty tanks.

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