>Tomatoes moving into fall

>I’ve been surprised this year at the continuous amount of tomatoes I have gotten all summer. I have had hot summers before where I have literally gotten no tomatoes after June 1st until it cools down for fall because many tomatoes stop setting fruit when it stays above around 80 at night. This summer certainly qualifies. So what gives? I think this year I did a better job of selecting heat tolerant varieties which will fruit in this weather. Cherry tomatoes are always reliable for this. Juliets do a very good job. Some others I planted this year include Cherokee purple, Azoychka, and Arkansas Traveler.

That said, the heat has taken it’s toll the last month or so. In fact, many of my tomato plants I have gone ahead and chopped back a half to ready them to go in fall. The rest will be done by the first week of August. I did this last year and I got a fantastic crop in the fall. I had tomatoes going all the way until frost last year.

So do your tomatoes a favor. If they are still healthy, cut them back by half so they can be ready to perform when the weather gives us a break.

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10 thoughts on “>Tomatoes moving into fall

  1. >thank you for the suggestion! i will definitely be doing that as my tomato plants are still healthy, just not producing. i've never pruned tomatoes before, do i prune them like a perennial? thanks again!

  2. >No special technique, I just whack them back to about half their present size. If I have a plant that looks really bad and I have to pull it up, I take a branch of another one close by that is healthy and bend it down toward the ground and bury part of it in dirt. After about a week, it will have formed roots and I can sever it from the mother plant and it will continue on its own. Cheaper than buying a new plant.

  3. >Bonnie, did you cut back your Juliets? Mine are still putting out blossoms. I've read they're heat tolerant, but most tomatoes won't set fruit in this sort of heat.

  4. >thanks for the advice bonnie!!! i will do that! šŸ™‚ and i'm definitely keeping notes on the types you bought. i'll have to see if natural gardener has any for fall planting..;)

  5. >Caroline, I have not yet cut back my Juliets because, like yours, they are still producing strongly. Those that look a little tired now I have gone ahead and cut back. But I will wait as late as the middle of August to cut some back that have kept producing. But inevitably, they all get cut back.

  6. >Bonnie — I clean up my tomato plants and take off the dead lower leaves that have fried by end '0 summer, but I've never cut them in 1/2. If my plants at 9 feet tall and happy and healthy, should I still cut them?

  7. >Diana, try it- even on just a few. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how vigorous of growth they get when they are cut back and don't have to support all of those branches.

  8. >Thanks so much for sharing which tomato varieties were so successful for you. I've jotted the names down in a notebook and will try them next year šŸ™‚

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