>61 days and counting…

We’re at 61 days of 100+ temperatures here in Austin. We will most likely break the 2nd highest number of days (66) next week and possibly the highest number (69) before this summer is through. And it will only get worse for the garden as Austin has stage 2 watering restrictions kicking in Monday, which means you are only allowed to water one day a week. That may seem like enough in normal temperatures of fall or spring, but in 100+ temperatures every day the plants are stressed constantly and have incredible evaporation. Many need daily watering to keep their leaves from shriveling up and drying out. So, I’ll be making my rounds this weekend and cutting back many of my plants, just to give them less plant to support in this heat and during the water restrictions.

But the heat has a bigger affect than the garden and lawn in my house. The mood is just generally cranky in the afternoon here, unless we are in the pool. Even then, going in the pool is akin to taking a group bath as the water temperature is around 91 degrees. I know anyone reading outside of Austin is thinking about all of the rain they have gotten. It seems everyone I talk to have been having downpours weekly. And I appreciate that so many want to push that weather our way. If only that were a possibility.


4 thoughts on “>61 days and counting…

  1. >You can still water by hand, any time on any day, so all is not lost. Sure, hand watering'ss more inconvenient than my drip irrigation system, but I'll do what I have to do to keep the lime trees and vegetable seedlings alive. As far as everything else, it's survival of the fittest…

  2. >I am rather new at gardening and I am getting ready to start a fall garden. I love the greens, beets, carrots, broccoli, etc and wanted to get an earlier start this year than I did last (October). I was thinking the first week of September, but should I wait because of the exceptional heat?

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