>School garden is producing again!

>The school vegetable garden has started producing again, hot weather be damned! (oops, is that wrong to curse in a post about school gardens?)

In the picture, you see tomatoes on the back right, pumpkins on the left of the garden (on the trellises) and yellow crookneck and ball squash growing in the right foreground.

I noticed the tomatoes I have cut back are really putting on growth and probably 3 out of the 5 have flowers again. The cherry tomato already has fruits again which have been ripening so we’re back on track. We did lose one tomato plant after cut back, but I bent down one of the branches on an adjacent plant and layers it to create a new plant. Yea, free plant!

The baby pumpkins are doing great, climbing all over the trellises we previously used for the cucumbers. The challenge will be to give them enough space once they really get going. I caught this picture of a tiny pumpkin- that was one day ago and I saw the flower is open today with bees all inside of it. But EEK! what I did not notice was the squash vine borer egg that is sitting in the crook of the stem. I’ll go hunt it down when I pick up Alex today.

Nice to see it all recovering now that weather is in the 90s instead of the 100s. The kids are going out to water everyday, and even the 2 year old have been going out and taking little cups of water to pour on the plants!

The herb spiral continues to do great and the school has had the strongest, longest-lasting crop of parsley that I have ever seen. Mine gave out eons ago. But they have parsley, oregano, basil, chard, and thyme all going strong. The only herb that did not last through the summer was the dill.
I’m going to cut some herbs for the different classes so they can have a smellathon.

Hoping for a crop of squash and tomatoes and then the plan is to clear and make way for spinach. My hope is to get approval to install a drip system this winter and a cattle panel trellis to bend from one side to the other.


3 thoughts on “>School garden is producing again!

  1. >How lucky that your photograph helped you notice the borer egg — where there's one, there's probably more. Good luck with the hunt! I had my first female pumpkin flower open today, but I didn't get to monitor the bee visits (or hand-pollinate) — my husband had knee surgery today (he's fine), so I instead was the busy bee! Tomorrow I'm on pumpkin duty! The school garden looks fantastic, btw.

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