>The View from Down There

>Sunday was museum day in Austin where the museums had free admission. We took advantage by taking the kids to see the Wildflower Center. I started taking pictures upon arriving but Jack kept asking to take some as well. I thought to myself how Jack will have a totally different perspective on the Wildflower Center and it would be interesting to see what catches a 5 year old’s eye. Give a little leeway for the fascination a 5 year old can have with taking pictures of his feet.

But without further ado, here it is.

The View from Down Here aka a 5 year-old’s visit to the Wildflower Center:



4 thoughts on “>The View from Down There

  1. >A child's perspective really opens an adult's mind sometimes. Our youngest son enjoys working the camera so much, we bought him a digital camera of his own, and he's my backup photographer! The older son gets a little too carried away with taking pictures of, say, his nostrils.

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