>Today’s the big day…

>I agreed to help out with the new garden they are building at my son’s elementary. And then I agreed to create an information packet that will be handed out to the teacher’s helping them to understand why the PTA built the garden, what they can do with it, and give them some direction on gardening so the plants don’t all die or get eaten by the deer.

So I have been working for a week on the packet and I’m really excited to present it today to the committee. It contains:

  • Introduction to the garden
  • FAQ on the garden (the what, why, where and how)
  • Info on our gardening buddies (parents) program
  • Garden planning sheet for the teachers to help them create a garden plan
  • Ideas for garden themes with suggested plants
  • Gardening tips and maintenance
  • Ideas to integrate garden into curriculum areas
  • Suggested plant list

Of course, I’m trying to lower my expectations from thinking they will say “My god, you are a gardening genius. ” because you know that never happens when you present something. There always has to be some thumbprints applied to your creation. So I would settle for “Nice job. What about….” That’s all I need…just some sort of tiny recognition that I have worked hard on this and checked and verified information 100 different ways to make sure it is right.

Finally, I just have to say thanks for all of the great info I have gotten from Austin Garden Bloggers and Travis County Master Gardeners that I have called on. What a great support system! You guys rock.


2 thoughts on “>Today’s the big day…

  1. >Nice job, indeed! I'm blown away just reading how much work you did for this. That school is so lucky to have you! Congratulations.

  2. >Thanks Iris. It went well and everyone was very complimentary and had great ideas to add to the packet. I'm happy to be working with such enthusiastic parents on this project. We just hope the teachers are as enthusiastic!

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