>And then I bought him an aluminium bucket…

>May I digress from the garden for a post…?

Friday is our 10th wedding anniversary. I could go on and on about how much has happened in 10 years and how things have changed but stayed the same and love grows and kids kick your ass, but lets get on to the important stuff. Like what are we getting each other for our anniversary. It’s a biggie, after all.

Well, the powers that be, lame as they are, decided that the 10th anniversary gift should be tin. Tin, really? I mean, what am I supposed to get him? A can of soup? OK, moving on. The modern tradition for 10 years is aluminum…wait…C’MON!!!! I mean, who are these idiots? Tin and aluminum? Who were they- Alcoa stockholders?

Well, screw that. John and I are declaring a new tradition for 10 year anniversaries. Behold, the iPhone anniversary. That’s right, we bought each other iPhones. And we will celebrate our anniversary by sitting close and staring adoringly into our iPhones while we download all the greatest applications. And send cutesy text messages to each other. Because THAT my friends is love.


5 thoughts on “>And then I bought him an aluminium bucket…

  1. >Happy anniversary!! Our 10th is coming up later this month and I'm having the same tin/aluminum dilemma. Y'all sure came up with a fun and creative answer!

  2. >Happy Anniversary!Our 8th is tomorrow. Traditional gift is pottery, so I got hubby a interesting pot from one of the local nurseries and planted a bishop's cap that he was eyeballing.

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