>The okra that ate New York

>This is what happens when you don’t go to the garden for 3 days and you are growing okra. I had to compost about half of these because they were too big and woody to eat. But the other ones will be tasty, rubbed with oil and salt and grilled whole!

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8 thoughts on “>The okra that ate New York

  1. >I am afraid I must admit I did that all summer. I'd turn around and have 8 inch long Okra. Never did eat them. But I sure enjoyed growing them. And I gave some small ones away. Then they left with the tomatoes and the leaf-footed bugs.

  2. >Bonnie, I have Santa ornaments made from okra that was too big too eat! Don't ask me how the craft person created them, but they are wonderful!Grilled okra sounds delicious.gail

  3. >I am happy to hear someone was able to grow Okra in Austin. I started okra from seeds in mid-late July, then transplanted them to my raised garden. I am now seeing signs of life that I may have okra in two weeks. Is this normal? This is my first time growing okra and I was not sure what to expect. Thank you.

  4. >Anonymous, regarding your question about okra. I just plant the seeds directly into my garden. Timing seems right, in fact a bit on the later end of the planting range (May- July) for seeds into the garden, but I know I was getting okra in late July as I probably planted mine in June. With the cooler weather, my production has slowed but I am still getting okra pods steadily. Try direct seeding next year in June.

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