>October Bloom Day


My apologies to folks who saw my post before I had any text…or maybe it was more pleasant just perusing the pictures and not having to read my garden drivel. Anywho, I’m here now and ready to write!

Apparently all of the rain dancers, rants, raves and prayers of us Central Texans in the drought have been heard because we have been having some absolutely fantastic rains down here. Whatever type you may want. Torrential. Slow and steady. Misty. They have all visited us at some time or another in the past few weeks. And so the gardens have come back to life. Hot and cold temps (this week we have everything from the 60s to the 90s). But the plants love it. My morning glory and clematis on the trellises have returned and are showing off their variety of purple colors. Pink zinnias have been popping back up all over and moxing with the orange bulbine. The abutilon, with its delicate chinese-lantern type flowers is just starting to give some blooms, the first since I planted it. I am hoping for many more from this beautiful addition.

The native garden has really been filling in and some of the plants are even encroaching on the walkway. All the plants here are deer-resistant, an extremely important trait in my heighborhood. if you don’t have a fence around parts of your garden. Here you see the white allium going to seed in the front, with artemesia, bamboo muhley and salvias in the back.

Oh, my bat-faced cuphea. How I love you. Just had to take a shot of all the little bats staring out at me from the garden today. Aren’t they amazing? There must be 200 blooms on the plant right now.

An ornamental Pennisetum grass called “Fireworks” sets off the esperanza. I will be curious to see if the grass survives the winter as purple fountain grasses are questionable in their hardiness here.

Gulf muhley and Mexican bush sage set off the silver ponyfoot around my pig corral (with my little Buddha keeping his back turned to the pigs).

Gulf muhley, just gorgeous with moisture drops hanging off of it.
And finally, a parting shot of my little buddha, casting his blessing over the garden.


10 thoughts on “>October Bloom Day

  1. >Nice grasses. I'm growing to like grasses better and better. Love the mickey mouse faces, too. Some of my best ideas and plants came from Texas gardeners. Happy Bloom Day.

  2. >Thanks everyone! Nell, so funny that you call them Mickey Mouse faces. Down here in Austin we're so bat-crazy it would never occur to us that they were anything but bats!

  3. >I like the shot of your plant combinations. They really compliment each other. Gulf coast muhly is my favorite grass. That abutilon is so perfect for the fall with its pumpkin color.

  4. >What a wonderful garden! The abutilon is really special – and the little bats? I'd love those too! They're very cute. Love the whimsies in your garden.

  5. >Love the textures in your Muhly, ponyfoot & Salvia leucantha combination, Bonnie! I think of them as batfaces, too, but have seen some pastel Cupheas called 'Tiny Mice'. Wonder if anyone has used them for landscaping at Disney World? Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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