>Waiting for the big costume change…

>Over the past few weeks, there have been plenty of swallowtail caterpillars on our parsley at the elementary school garden. You can see at least 6 in this photo I took this morning. So a few days ago, the 2 year olds picked a few and brought them inside to live inside their butterfly house and watch them change into butterflies.

The kids have been picking them fresh parsley every day and have put two sticks inside for when they are ready to turn into a chrysalis.

And yesterday was the big day. The first caterpillar spun its cocoon…and the kids went wild. Alex was so excited about it, she could barely tell me what happened.

Here is a picture of the chrysalis hanging off of the stick. You can see the silk string which anchors it to the stick.

The kids have been taking close looks all day and today the smaller two year olds in the next class down went and got their caterpillars.

I am so glad to see them all so connected to the garden. The older kids (5 yo) always have because they go out to water and pick vegetables. But it is wonderful to see that even the littlest ones get excited by going out there, and can remember everything their teacher tells them about how caterpillars turn into butterflies.

You’re never too young to garden!

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3 thoughts on “>Waiting for the big costume change…

  1. >That is so sweet. My daughter's class did that two years ago and it was a huge success. We see caterpillars in our garden all the time, but almost never find the chrysalis in the wild. Guess we aren't looking hard enough!

  2. >Bonnie, we watched a chrysalis on the gate just beside the passion vine all summer…it was amazing. For days you could see the wing pattern become more clear. Then one day it was gone! We were so bummed to miss the magic.

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