>Planting a memory

> This weekend my cousin Howard got married to Maggie. It was a very personal ceremony held at the house of a friend in an old section of Austin. While enjoying the view off the deck after the ceremony, my aunt and I noticed some amazing, gigantic acorns in the tree on the other side of the driveway. And when I say gigantic, I mean it. Check out the pictures with my hand in for size. That is MY hand, not my kids.

My uncle inquired and found out it was a bur oak, named for the fringy top around the acorn. So being the classy family that we are, my aunt, uncle and I immediately traipsed around the side of the house in our wedding attire and collected about 8 acrorns each. I thought the kids would think they were very cool for show and tell items.

But today I was thinking about replacing a cedar tree that we lost on the corner of our property and it came to me that I already had a tree ready to plant…my bur oak acorns. So I took two outside and planted them, one where the cedar was lost and another in the wooded area alongside our driveway. Should I be so lucky that these little acorns will sprout, I will have a lovely memory of the occasion that led to their gathering and how a tree’s growth is such an overwhelmingly perfect analogy for the growth of a marriage.


7 thoughts on “>Planting a memory

  1. >I had the same reaction the first time I saw Bur Oak acorns. Aren't they amazing? The trees are so majestic, too.Bonnie, I'll probably be contacting you soon about elementary school gardens. I'm leading the way on one for my son's school, and I might need some tips/suggestions!

  2. >Very nice idea! My dad once grew a Bur Oak from an acorn up in Illinois, Bonnie – but when I tried to get a few acorns going the *%#@!+ squirrels got them. Hope yours escape the tree rats. Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. >Nice idea. We planted a Mountain Laurel on the morning we got married in the front yard…we got married in the back:)BTW, you've been HAMMERED! check my blog for details! hehehehe

  4. >When I was a kid, my Dad planted five acorns in 5 gal. metal buckets. They all came up and he gave four away to friends and planted one in the back yard when it was about four foot high. In twenty years it only was about 15' high. Just telling you this in case you are looking for a tree there in the near future. They seem to grow fairly slow.

  5. >I enjoyed meeting you last night! I also loved the acorns. Growing up in northern Ohio, they are a great fall memory for me. Also liked your marriage reference as my oldest daughter just got engaged last weekend!

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