>November Bloom Day

>It’s quite a time of year.  You wouldn’t think of November as a great blooming time, but with the cooler weather just barely grazing us this time of year, all the fall bloomers spring to life.  Glad to share it with you for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, hosted by May Dreams Gardens.

Primary in both my garden and neighborhood right now is Copper Canyon Daisy, an amazing show of yellow flowers that just spring out of nowhere.  I am only sad that they do not bloom all summer as well.  Every year, this plant gets cut back to the ground and grows back with it’s airy foliage.  But I have to wait awhile to enjoy the blooms.

The new Abutilon plant I added this year now has little blooms all over it, hanging like ornaments on a Christmas tree.  I hope that it will bush out next year for me even more. 

I seem to have a variety of purples battling it out in my garden this time of year.  In one bed, Mexican Bush Sage, blooming since mid-summer, is showing off next to Purple Heart, another long-term bloomer.  Both extremely drought tolerant.  And Mexican Bush Sage is extremely deer resistant so tends to get used behind and in front of the fence.  But I did have a few Mexican Bush Sages that suffered with our EXTREME drought this summer.  I just cut them back and voila! they sprang back and started blooming again, with less foliage to support in the drought, they have really put on a fall show.

I have three gerbera that I planted 3 years ago.  The red one blooms repeatedly but I only get a rare showing from the yellow and orange.  But lo and behold, the orange has really come out this fall, so I can’t help but feature it here.  

My “Macho Mocha” mangave has finally found a good location in the reorganized full sun bed. I gave it a slightly raised location with better drainage.  And in one of my seed madness binges, I dropped some seeds in the ground around the back of it.  Little did I know that 5 foot tall cosmos would spring up.  But I love the color and they are the Starbucks of the bee world right now, with bees coming and going all day. 

Finally, I can’t ignore the workhorse of my summer garden, the zinnias that reseed themselves every year and bring me a variety of colors.  No matter what heat or drought, the zinnias just keep on coming.  God bless them.  Every climate needs a flower like that.  Here are a few pinks to end my post that seem to be reaching the end of their season, but beautiful nonetheless.

Happy November blooms everyone!


5 thoughts on “>November Bloom Day

  1. >Is the Copper Canyon daisy the same yellow flower that is blooming all along the highways this time of year? I always associate that color with fall in central Texas. Its flowers look larger and a brighter yellow than zexmenia–so just what I'm looking for.After seeing yours, I'm inspired to try some.

  2. >MSS, it could be. I guess I always thought it was zexmenia on the roadside, but now that I think about it, the blooms do look a lot fuller than I am used to seeing. I would have to see the foliage to check. The foliage of CCD has a definite smell- kind of minty, licorice, lemony. Very strange to describe. But yes, the flowers are larger.

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