>Not so prickly purple

>Prickly Pears are so beautiful when they have their fruits growing out. Especially when everything seems so drab right now and you stumble across this beautiful purple shade. I only like to grow the spineless prickly pear, with the kids so young. I have not done any cooking myself with the PP fruit, but I can remember the first time I discovered that you did, when I had a prickly pear margarita in San Antonio. Yum! Now THAT is a good introduction to an ingredient.

Luckily, my spineless PPs did not have any freeze damage. I do have a Cow’s Tongue PP that is now laying flat on the ground, with I suspect most of it completely damaged. I am hoping the base will come back and start growth again. I’ll prune it once I know frost danger is passed to allow the base to gain whatever protection it can from the previously damaged portion.

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