>Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

>I’m happy to announce that I am the proud new mama of a school garden re-design that is moving forward.  It’s wonderful when something you design is accepted and people are enthusiastic about it.  In this case, I’m even more excited because it is for one of the school gardens I help out in and directly affects one of my little ones and all of her friends.

The preschool garden I manage right now exists of a 6′ x 12′ vegetable garden and an herb spiral.  The kids love planting seeds and harvesting with me, but it just seemed like a waste of good gardening space to have the rest of the area as grass.  Last week, however, I presented a design to take the entire 23′ x 23′ space and make it into a garden bursting with textures and smells, attracting bees and butterflies, and creating a garden sanctuary for the preschool classes to visit and learn about plants, nature and gardening.  The design was accepted.



Of course, what’s important is how the garden is used by the classrooms, so I’ll be working with the directors to gather activities for kids from 1 year old to 6 years old to let them get the most out of the garden. I want them to be able to appreciate how the plants feel, smell and look, how insects can be both good and bad in the garden, and how gardens change over the seasons and years.

Some gardening days are especially sweet!


3 thoughts on “>Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

  1. >Thanks Jenny and Caroline! I used a program called Realtime Landscaping Architect 2. I really like the program, much better than some others I have tried. The program gives you the ability to create your own plants if they are not in the program database as well as import photos. And a great feature is a 3-D walk-through that you can then snap still shots to print out for your presentation. They REALLY loved seeing it from a walk-through perspective because you get such a better sense of how you would interact with the space.

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