>Here we go!

>The preschool garden redesign is approved and moving forward. The last two days, we have had our irrigation guy out there reworking the spriklers so we no longer have to suffer with the powerful jet stream sprinklers that water the lawn but do nothing for vegetables and ornamentals. He has run spray heads all along the line of our new beds and, my personal favorite, a line for drip irrigation ON IT’S OWN ZONE through the vegetable garden (thank you, thank you, thank you to whatever power in the universe made this happen!)

In addition the rock guy came out and built all of the lovely rock walls for the beds. We just ran treated lumber along the back to insure the dirt doesn’t fall through the fence. These beds are just for ornmentals, so I am not worried about using the treated lumber.

But i love these rock walls and the irrigation. Did I mention the drip lines – OK, OK, I know. It’s just that I had to water that vegetable bed like every day when I would pick up Alex during the horrible summer we had last year .

Then tonight, I met Bill, our fantastic delivery guy, at the school after hours. Sounds sneaky, I know but I can assure you, it was all about dirt! I lie, it was about dirt, and mulch, and decomposed granite. 5.5 cu yds of dirt, 3 cu yds of mulch and 2 cu yds of decomposed granite. All from Geo Growers, I love that place as well.

So tomorrow is it- the big build day. See you bright and early- I’ll be the one with the shovel!


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