>Abracadabra and it’s done!

>I wish it had been as simple as abracadabra but my aching back and hands tell me different. Today was GO! day for the preschool garden redesign project. I had a fantastic helper with me, Reynaldo, and together we shoveled, wheelbarrowed, dug, spread, and stomped for 8 hours…and finished!

You can see more about how this project started here and here.

First, we got all of the gardening soil in- about 8 inches deep when all was said and done- in all of the beds. Then we moved onto the mulch and put in about 3 inches of mulch into all of the beds. There was mulch to spare which I will use when I turn over the veggie bed to warm season vegetables next week.

This first picture, you can see our next step of putting landscape cloth down. I had previously sprayed the grass to kill it all, but we want to make sure we make it as tough as possible for weeds to come up through the decomposed granite pathways we were ready to lay.You can see our existing vegetable garden in the foreground…lettuce anyone?

Through this all, we had lots of company. About 5-10 kids were constantly visiting with us from the playground whenever they were outside. We got all kinds of questions:

  • What ‘ya doin?
  • Can we play in the dirt?
  • When do we get to come in?
  • Can you build a secret passageway that you only tell me about?
  • Can we plant pizza seeds?

At least it made me forget that I was unloading what must have been the 400th wheelbarrow load because I was laughing…

What I will say is THANK GOD FOR REYNALDO!

He was my saving grace, hoofing those wheelbarrows back and forth to me so I could unload and spread all of the material.  Here he is cleaning off the walls making everything look perfect.  When he smoothed the dirt in the first bed, I thought it looked so perfect, I didn’t want to plant anything in it.

So there it is!  Now I can’t wait to get out there and plant those pizza seeds.


6 thoughts on “>Abracadabra and it’s done!

  1. >Yay! It looks wonderful! I can't believe just the two of you did all that. I can't wait to see the plants all in place. We used GeoGrowers for our beds, too — I heard such wonderful things about their dirt that it seemed a must-have!

  2. >What an awesome plan! I'm teaching art here at Wooten Elementary until the end of the year and they did a pizza garden last year…but never made pizza! I hope you guys celebrate the harvest big time!

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