>Wait for it, wait for it….NOW!


Good lord, I wait for it all spring, watching the new growth emerge on the Confederate Jasmine and then the buds.  These vines are about 8 years old, transferred from our old house because we loved them too much to leave them to the guy who bought it.  And they settled down happily here and began a fast climb up the deck supports. 

And every April, they give a show like you wouldn’t believe.  Complete with smelly-vision.  Because they smell REALLY REALLY good.  White flowers just cover the vine and stick around for about 2 weeks, coating eveything in that incredible smell. 

Confederate jasmine.  Woody perennial, evergreen leaves on it year round so perfect for coverage.  Flowers about April with small white flowers and intense smell.  Climber with help given for something to grab on to (in this case electrical wire wound around the posts).  Wouldn’t necessarily call it deer resistant as I tried to grow some on an unprotected fence and deer just kept eating it down to a nub until it died.  Drought tolerant once established.

If you love aromas, you need one of these.


4 thoughts on “>Wait for it, wait for it….NOW!

  1. >We planted some of this by the deck (interspersed with the ivy plants the previous owners had planted), and every year I don't think that it will peak through the copious ivy until all of the sudden all these glorious smelling white flowers appear.I don't think I've watered mine since the first year we planted them.

  2. >G3, mine are growing out of the ground from behind the posts that you see. But they don't get any regular irrigation once they were established.

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