For those who visited my house in early spring and heard my wishful talk about the poppies I had seeded into the wildflower (septic) field next to my house, you’ll be happy to know that the poppies are putting on quite a show. Dazzling red color in the front of the filed, with a daring pink poppy who defies the odds. Hard to capture the reds in a wide shot, so I went in for a closeup.

There were so many bees joyfully jumping from flower to flower that the humming volume was pretty incredible. I had to put aside my bug aversion and go in for a close-up when I saw two bees having a big old time.


4 thoughts on “>Poppies!

  1. >You know, I liked having poppies…maybe I should just throw some seeds about in my backyard and then beg the husband to forgo mowing next spring. He'd probably agree to it.

  2. >Lovely! And so interesting that yours were in bloom this week. Today, I was collecting seeds from mine. I'm drying them out a bit before they go into baggies for next fall. Can't ever have enough poppies!

  3. >Great news about your red poppies. I had almost given up on my Lauren's Grape poppies, but I finally saw them peeking their little heads up out of the ground a week or two ago. Whew! I love the ephemeral nature of these beauties don't you?~~Dee

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