>Things I noticed on a Monday morning

>1.  Mexican Feather Grass:  I want to run my fingers through the Mexican Feather Grass constantly.  Or plant a field of it and lay down.  Ahhhhhhhh…

2.  Ummm, little ladybugs…get a room.  Just kidding, good to see you guys multiplying as much as possible.

3.   There is something growing in my compost pile.  Since this photo I have noticed either cucumber or squash plants coming out everywhere.  Amazing how I can do NOTHING to them and they love it here but growing them in the garden dirt can be such a struggle.  Just goes to show you how important organic matter is to seeds.


2 thoughts on “>Things I noticed on a Monday morning

  1. >I forgot about a wheelbarrel full of compost, the last of the effort that day. A few weeks later, the whole top was blooming! I transplanted 6 of them (not knowing exactly what 'they' were) into the ground, only 2 have made it. Right you are!

  2. >I threw a rutabaga in the compost pile, and it's just happily growing in it, even though it gets turned every day and it's fully enclosed so it doesn't get any light. I probably ought to pull it out and plant it somewhere instead.

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